CPM Solutions, Inc.

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To lead our clients through arduous tasks of construction management providing satisfying results, while building a trusting relationship.


To assist clients in the effective planning and management of their project in order to achieve maximum quality in minimal amount of time. Our specialty is guarding against unnecessary loss of time.


Our values intently focus on a daily display of integrity towards the well-being and success of our client’s investments. 


Our managers place a very high value on time and view it as the most valuable asset of our clients. Recognizing that time is a diminishing resource, we have built a company that is passionate about spending time wisely. There is low tolerance for wasted time. By placing high value on the appropriate use of time, one can achieve the best results. We prioritize time, each minute of every day counts.


About CPM Solutions
As a NYC & Nassau County Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), CPM Solutions based in New York manages construction projects, provides critical path method scheduling and payroll services. This work is done for property owners, construction companies, and developers throughout the New York metropolitan area. We provide innovative solutions that boost the efficiency of your project while ensuring we maintain quality standards at every step of the way. As your partners, we become part of your team and provide valuable guidance on everything from scheduling to building codes. Our team of passionate, knowledgeable consultants provides personal support to every client, and we tailor our services to your specific needs. When you work with CPM Solutions, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Time is irreplaceable. Huge results only come from focusing on the “now.” Control is maintained by doing the proper things at the proper time in an orderly fashion. Planning is the ability to bring the future into the now and manipulating it so that the future can be controlled. Our mindset on managing time and resources is developed with a critical path methodology, which has proven successful time and time again. Each employee is carefully chosen due to a particular uniqueness, particularly a talent or specific skill. They are driven and continue to refine their talent until they reach the highest levels of expertise. Our teams work together to create a synergy that increases productivity. When we manage a project, our clients benefit from this passion.